Can my child get COVID during school sports?

While growing up, you can recall the memories you had as a child. How you would jump around, play with friends, and in the sands till you get dirty. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are scared as to how your children play. While they are under your watch at home, you can monitor how they play. But can you do so while they are at school? 

Earlier last year, several sporting activities were suspended especially outdoor sports. This year, however, outdoor interstate sports competitions and school-based recreational programs are currently resuming gradually. Should you be scared that your children can contract the virus? Yes and No. Why?

First, Children can develop the COVID-19, which they do without symptoms. In the past, some children have had severe complications. If your child has an already underlying health condition, then such a child may be at a higher risk for severe illness and can, of course, contract the virus while playing with his colleagues. 

Second, there has been strong evidence that children are less susceptible to infection than adults when exposed to infected people. Nonetheless, the transmission of the virus is context-dependent. Even though children are at lower risks of showing symptoms of being on the coronavirus’s negative results, they can contract the virus and spread it to the elder ones. 

What do you do to prevent COVID-19 during sports? 

It follows from the aforesaid that there are possibilities that your child can contract the virus during school sports. It is commendable today that schools are adopting carrying out recreational activities in batches and leagues to reduce the spread of the virus. School leagues are opening. The best that you can do is ensure that your child’s school complies with the necessary standards. 

Additionally, keep your children healthy by boosting their immune system with the necessary vitamins. You should also be scared for yourself because the aftermath of your child’s contraction of the virus may dawn on you. 

If your child participates in outdoor sports, educate them on the effects of not complying with standards such as regular handwashing or employing sanitizers. Telling the child to disregard activities that he enjoys may not be the best. Instead, embrace frequent COVID-19 testing once you detect or such a child shows related symptoms.

Get COVID-19 testing at a local urgent care center 

Prevention and Early Detection have proven to be better than cure. Although you cannot be too careful, you can take the necessary steps in ensuring that your child does not contract the virus since it has been mentioned that it is possible for such a child to, during school sports. For detection purposes, visit your local healthcare center frequently if your child participates in outdoor games, and most importantly, such a child has underlying health conditions. 

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