Occupational Health Programming for Small and Medium Businesses

A great occupational health program is key to ensuring that your workers are safe and get timely care when they need it. Working with a qualified occupational medicine specialist or physician could make all the difference in the health – and happiness – of your employees. Learn how to start an occupational health program for your workers with the following tips and planning resources.

What is Occupational Health?

According to the World Health Organization, occupational health is “an area of work in public health to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental, and social well-being of workers in all occupations.”

In other words, the goal of occupational health is to ensure that employees are happy, healthy, and safe while at work.  Aiming for this goal may mean adjusting working conditions and improving the overall workplace environment.

Occupational health also includes creating a healthy and stable workplace culture with clear values, effective management, and open communication between workers and employers.

Why You Should Start an Occupational Health Program

If your company or business does not already have an occupational health program you should consider starting one soon. There are three main reasons why this is a good idea:

1.    Protect Your Workers

Designing and implementing a great occupational health program will first and foremost protect your workers. Whether you own a retail store, a restaurant, or a warehouse, your worker’s safety should be a priority. A good program will address potential safety issues at work and help your employees understand how to work safely to avoid any injury.

2.    Protect Your Bottom Line

An occupational health program will also help protect your bottom line. With a well-designed program and in-depth training, there is little room for unnecessary lawsuits or other legal problems. This will help your business save money and keep profits high.

3.    Attract Employees

Employees want to work in places that take their physical and mental health seriously so that they can work to the best of their ability. The better your occupational health program, the more (and higher-quality) workers will be attracted to your business.

Occupational Health Needs To Consider

When you’re designing your occupational health program, there are a few things you should consider.

  • Drug Testing. This is one of the more significant parts of an occupational health program for employees that want to ensure a safe working environment. A program will help you collaborate with medical professionals to ensure the efficiency and speed of on-site drug testing.
  • Worker’s Compensation. Worker’s comp is another major need in many businesses. By partnering with a healthcare provider, you can ensure quality care for employees who have gotten injured on the job while minimizing costs.
  • Training. Training should not be overlooked as you implement your program. Thorough training of all staff on relevant safety concerns will ensure that they understand proper procedures that prevent injury.

From drug testing to worker’s comp to creating an overall safe working environment, an occupational health program can help any business. If you’re ready to get started, contact a nearby urgent care center to see how they can help.