What are some same-day urgent care services available in Woodbridge, NJ?

Patients that live in Woodbridge NJ need a same-day urgent care provider that can help with those immediate healthcare needs that don’t require a hospital stay. We’re talking specifically about sudden injuries, illnesses, lab testing, and even x-rays available at AFC Urgent Care Perth Amboy, which is actually located 10 minutes from Woodbridge and Woodbridge Township, NJ.

Below, our urgent care team will dive into the specifics of services that patients can get at our Woodbridge, NJ urgent care center and walk-in clinic! If you have any questions or need to book online simply call us or click the booking buttons on our website to get started. Otherwise, keep reading to learn about just a few of the urgent care services available in Woodbridge, NJ:

Walk-in clinic access in Woodbridge, NJ

AFC Urgent Care Perth Amboy offers Woodbridge, NJ residents and families an easily accessible walk-in clinic for a variety of same-day services!

Our diagnostic lab testing services help to ensure that you get the correct diagnosis for seasonal illness and allergy symptoms. X-rays are also available as a walk-in service for urgent care so you don’t have to wait at the hospital! Just simply find a time that works for you and make sure that you get to our clinic for these services.

Walk-in clinic services at our urgent care center in Woodbridge, NJ also includes same-day injury treatment, sinus pain treatment, worker’s compensation, and more! Speak with our team if you have any questions.

COVID-19 Testing in Woodbridge, NJ

AFC Urgent Care Perth Amboy is also a great option for patients that need rapid COVID-19 testing and other COVID-19 testing for travel or work. Woodbridge NJ residents can visit our clinic to get COVID testing for a variety of needs, but make sure you are wearing a mask before entering the clinic (a policy update on 5/17/2022.

COVID-19 testing is done by our provider teams and use CDC-recommended guidelines to maintain safety and wellbeing of all patients that visit our clinic. If you need to learn more about COVID-19 testing just speak with our team and we’d be happy to help you out!

Employer Health Services and Worker’s Compensation in Woodbridge, NJ

Employer health services like worker’s compensation care, employee drug testing, and occupational medicine are all available at AFC Urgent Care Perth Amboy in Woodbridge, NJ!

Employers of all business sizes need reliable health services to keep their employees and working spaces safe and healthy. Let the occupational medicine experts at AFC Urgent Care help you get the care you need for employees at your business.