How to Prepare for an STD Test at an Urgent Care Center

It’s natural for most people to feel shy about getting tested for STDs. Many opt for urgent care because they do not want to ask their primary care physician to test for disorders. The convenience of urgent care facilities makes receiving test results and treatment simpler. Moreover, no appointment is necessary to visit an urgent care facility.

Preparing before your STD test helps ensure an easy and relatively stress-free visit for STD and STI screenings or treatment.

Here is what typically happens during an STD test at an urgent care center.


The first step in STD testing is to evaluate the symptoms. The doctor will also perform a physical examination. For example, males have their genitalia examined, while females have their pelvis examined. The doctor will check for common STD symptoms, like blisters or pimples in these areas, during the examination.

Sample Tests

To confirm or rule out any STD infection, the doctor may collect samples which involves taking a urine or blood sample from the patient. The doctor may also take vaginal, anal, and throat swabs.


A physical examination may confirm an STD diagnosis, but generally, a lab must examine the samples to make the final diagnosis. The laboratory will take a few days to return the tests. STD-positive patients must return for treatment at an urgent care facility.

Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The doctor who tested you at the urgent care center will prescribe antibiotics to patients with chlamydia or gonorrhea. Following the doctor’s instructions is crucial to ensure the antibiotics successfully treat the infection. Confirmed patients should have another round of tests three months after stopping the medications, ensuring the condition has not returned. Patients will have to undergo a second treatment round if it returns.

As a viral STD, genital herpes cannot be treated. Antiviral medications, however, cut down on symptoms and minimize the episodes of outbreaks. Moreover, these medications reduce the risk of sexual transmission of the infection to others. Unfortunately, antiviral drugs fail to eliminate the risk, necessitating the need for safe sex.

Get Tested for STDs Today

Visit an urgent care center to get evaluated and treated. The doctor will inquire about any symptoms, perform a physical examination, and collect samples to check for any STD infection. 

Early detection and treatment can protect patients and their partners. Do not wait until you have severe symptoms. All you have to do is visit an urgent care center for an STD test.

Make sure you have your health insurance ready. Don’t hesitate to provide any relevant information to help the doctor make a diagnosis.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure, a doctor at the urgent care center will gladly answer your queries.